Golden Visa in Kenya

Investor Immigration Work Permits in Kenya are provided to business investors who desire to establish trade and commerce as well as dwell in Kenya. Persons who seek to trade, consult, or practice a profession in Kenya must get an Investor immigration permit.

Kenya Investment Authority (Keninvest) has a one-stop shop that is responsible for facilitating investments, providing essential information to investors, and providing pre-investment and post-investment services. Investors who register with Keninvest are entitled to an investment certificate upon request, as well as assistance with foreign taxpayer registration, immigration services, NEMA information, Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) services, and the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) services.

  • Investment certificate

On request, an investor registered with the Kenya Investment Authority receives an Investment Certificate and proof of a minimum investment of $100,000 USD or equivalent for a foreign investor and $1,000,000 KES or similar for a local investor.

For a maximum of one year, this certificate entitles the investor to the initial issuance of any subsequent licenses required for their operations, with the exception of health, security, and environmental certificates. For a maximum of two years, the investor is entitled to three class D entry permits for management or technical employees and three class C, F, or G entry permits for owners, shareholders, or partners.

  • Registration of foreign taxpayers

Individual and company Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) can only be obtained directly from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) if the foreigner has a foreign national registration certificate (an alien card). Only when a foreigner has been in Kenya for three months without leaving the country may an alien card be provided. The Kenya Investment Authority makes it easier for investors without a foreign national registration certificate (alien card) to obtain a KRA PIN by providing them with an endorsement letter that they must produce to KRA in order to receive both individual and corporate PINs.

  • Permits and passes for work

The Directorate of Immigration and Person Registration is in charge of issuing the many types of licenses and passes. Under the Investment Promotion Act, the Kenya Investment Authority is responsible for assisting foreign investors with projects worth more than $100,000 in obtaining licences and passes.

Additional Documents

1. A copy of the employer’s company or organization’s certificate of incorporation or registration.

2. A copy of the company or organization’s Memorandums or registration paperwork.

3. The company’s or organization’s PIN certificate.

4. A copy of the applicant’s current passport.

5. The applicant’s passport photo.

6. A bank statement in the amount of $100,000 USD or the equivalent in any other currency.

7. Provide a copy of the receipt / slip from the offshore transaction.

8. The applicant’s curriculum vitae.

9. The applicant’s and employer’s contact information. Email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are all provided.

10. The applicant’s residential address and the company’s physical address.