Golden Visa in Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its pleasant tropical climate, multiculturalism, and spectacular living environments, but the country’s dynamic economy, attractive tax regimes, and competitive business landscape have boosted its global stature and are attracting high-net-worth individuals from all over the world. The Mauritius Residence by Investment Program is the most expedient means to get residency in this island nation for individuals who choose to do so. Individuals who invest in the country’s real estate sector can become Mauritian residents in six months under this program.

On the Global Residence Programs Index, the Mauritius Residence by Investment Program is ranked 10th out of 24 programs.

Investment Options

  • The Scheme for Integrated Resorts (IRS)
    A luxury residential property with a minimum value of USD 375,000 and a land size of more than 10 hectares will be considered.
  • RES (Real Estate Scheme):
    Luxury residential property with a minimum value of USD 375,000, smaller than IRS units, and constructed on freehold land with a maximum size of 10 hectares.
  • The Property Development Scheme (PDS) is a government-run program that helps people develop their homes.
    For an integrated project of social benefit to the nearby community, a luxury residential property with a minimum value of USD 375,000 is required. The projects are subject to stringent environmental restrictions and must concentrate on ecology.
  • The Smart City Scheme (SCS) is a program that aims to make cities smarter.
    A minimum value of USD 375,000 is required for a luxury residential property. SCS projects must be ecologically sustainable living, working, or recreational areas that generate their own energy and water, provide cutting-edge connection, provide smart modern transportation, and reduce traffic congestion.

Applications for the program must be submitted on the authorized forms and accompanied by the required fees. A recent certificate of morality and a recent medical certificate from the applicant declaring that they are clear of communicable diseases are also acceptable supporting documents. The real estate investment must be kept up for the life of the residence permit, and it must be financed using money sent to Mauritius from abroad.

Following the completion of preliminary due diligence checks, the applicant may select their preferred property. The application for residence can be filed to the Economic Development Board of the Republic of Mauritius once the approval in principle has been obtained. The applicant (and any family members) receives a Mauritian residency permit after passing the necessary diligence requirements. Unmarried, financially dependent children (including stepchildren and adopted children) of any age who are not gainfully employed are considered dependents.