Golden Visa in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Federal Government has recently taken a proactive approach to promoting Nigeria as an internationally competitive economy. The government recognizes the importance of foreign investment in accomplishing this goal, and has so given special attention to business visas in Nigeria. To cater for business travelers, the Nigeria Visa Policy (NVP) 2020 introduces 9 (nine) kinds of visas, up from just one previously.

For business visitors, investors, and other foreigners wishing to do business in Nigeria, the Business and Investor Visa category range is advised, particularly for enterprises that bring funds into the country. Foreign adults who desire to visit Nigeria for the purpose of attending a business meeting, conference, seminar, contract negotiation, marketing, sales, purchase, and exportation of Nigerian goods, as well as attend or organize trade fairs, must apply for a business visa. Investor visas and residency permits are available to business investors. Most passport holders are eligible for business visas, with the exception of ECOWAS/CEDEAO nationals and citizens of countries like Cameroon and Chad, with whom Nigeria has signed visa-free agreements.

Investment Conditions

  • A net worth of at least $1 million dollars – for an individual or a married couple; or $200,000 in individual income, or $300,000 in combined income, in each of the previous two years; and
  • Future income and assets at a comparable level.
  • In your application, your source of assets, as well as any duties or legal liabilities related to these assets, are crucial. They rigorously investigate the source and course of an applicant’s funds to avoid money laundering and resolve security issues. investors must ensure that the source and channel of their investment funds are genuine. They must provide documents that meet the stringent requirements. In the event that the applicant is unable to present particular evidence, he or she may submit a declaration explaining why they are unable to do so.

Required Documents

  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months and has at least two blank pages is required.
  • A round-trip ticket to Nigeria.
  • Sufficient Funds Evidence
  • Evidence of Hotel Booking.
  • Accepting Immigration Responsibilities on Letterhead and Stamped/Signed Invitation Letter from Company (if invited by a company)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation) (If invited by a company)
  • Obtain a printout of your completed Online Visa Application.
  • The Online Payment Acknowledgement Slip should be printed.
  • Two (2) recent passport photographs (35/40mm).