Golden Visa in Tanzania

A Residence Permit may be provided to any foreigner seeking to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania for the purpose of investment, business, employment, or any other legal activity. Residence Permit Class A, B, and C are the three classes of permits available. However, as detailed in the Residence Permit Matrix, this broad type of Residence Permit has several sub-categories. 

Residence Permits are divided into three categories:

  • Class A: Issued to foreign workers.

To enter or remain in Tanzania and engage in self-employed investment in the fields of prospecting and mining, agriculture and animal husbandry, profession and consultancy services, professional arts, manufacturing and processing, larger scale investment and trade, hospitality industry and related activities, information technology and IT activities, transport and linguistics, construction, real estate, and other investments. The applicant can submit an electronic application to Immigration, Zanzibar’s headquarters, the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), the Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA), and the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA)

  • Foreigners employed by companies or institutes are given a Class B visa.

Residence Permit Class “B” is issued to a foreigner who possesses qualification or skills, preferably in highly technical occupations, that are not readily available in the local labor market. This covers foreigners with rare professions having specific employment by specific employers and professionals working in Government and Private strategic projects. Application must be made prior to the entry of the prospective employee into Tanzania.

  • Other foreigners, such as missionaries, students, volunteers, researchers, and retirees, are classified as Class C.

A foreigner who is not eligible for either Class “A” or “B” permits is awarded a Residence Permit Class “C.” Researchers, retired people, missionaries, former employees winding up their affairs, those undergoing medical treatment, volunteers, interns, parties and witnesses in court of laws and tribunals, and so on are among them. Except for retired persons and those winding up affairs, an application must be submitted prior to the potential applicant’s entry into Tanzania.

The Director of Immigration Services has the ability to issue Residence Permits. Applicants who are dissatisfied with the Director’s decision while outside the country may appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs. While applicants are outside the country, they should apply for a Residence Permit Class B or C. 

  • Applicants must be Tanzanian institutions/companies/employers, with the exception of retired, sick, or court-attending individuals.
  • Except for Residence Permit Class “A,” applicants for Residence Permits Class “B” and “C” should get their Residence Permit before entering the country.
  • Applicants must receive a necessary Registration Certificate or license from the appropriate professional boards.
  • Except for individuals coming for studies, research, or to attend a court case, all applicants for Residence Permits must first obtain a Work Permit from the Ministry of Labor.