Golden Visa in Vietnam

The present demand for a Vietnam Investor visa (also known as an Investment visa or a DT visa) is on the rise, as the Vietnamese economy continues to grow and labor shortages persist, drawing more and more investors to set up or expand their enterprises in the nation. Vietnam is considered one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies. It is a rising dynamic economy, with GDP growth of 2.8 percent in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, countless international investors are looking for reliable investment prospects in Vietnam these days.

Investor Visa Options

  • Visa DT 1: Granted to international investors and representatives of foreign organizations engaging in Vietnamese firms, or business fields of investment promotion determined by the Vietnamese government, with a minimum total capital of VND 100 billion ($4.3 million).
  • Visa DT 2: Granted to foreign investors and leaders of foreign organizations participating in Vietnamese firms or industries with total capital ranging from VND 50 billion to VND 100 billion ($2.15 – 4.4 million) as determined by the government.
  • Visa DT 3: For international investors and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam with a total capital of between VND 3 billion and VND 50 billion ($132,000 and 2.3 million), this visa is issued.
  • Visa DT 4: For international investors and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam with a total investment capital of less than VND 3 billion ($132,000), this visa is issued.

Required Documents

You can apply for an investment visa in Vietnam in one of two ways: (a.) while physically present in the country, or (b.) from abroad. In any event, you’ll need to submit a specific collection of documentation in order to be considered for an investment visa.

The following are the application’s requirements:

  • NA16 form.
  • NA15 form.
  • Passport must be valid and authentic.
  • A copy of the investment registration certificate or the business registration certificate that has been certified.
  • A seal specimen registration certificate or a seal specimen information publishing notice
  • Form for registering for a temporary residence
  • Proof of Covid vaccination and a negative PCR test 24 hours before your departure are required.
  • After submitting an application for an investor visa, the responsible authorities must assess it for a minimum of 5 days before issuing it.

To obtain your visa approval letter, have your visa agency or representative submit the necessary documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, or Da Nang. Your visa agency or representative will receive an appointment letter to obtain the visa letter of approval once your dossiers have been verified to be complete and legitimate.

The letter must then be scanned and emailed to you by your visa agent or representative. Print the approval letter, as well as the completed investor visa application form, after you’ve received it. Present your permission letter, visa application form, and two passport-sized photos at the visa-issuing counter when you arrive in Vietnam’s international airport. Then, to get the visa stamped on your passport, pay the stamping cost in cash.