Golden Visa in Germany

Germany is a booming center of industry, manufacturing, and engineering that is often regarded as one of Europe’s economic powerhouses. Combining business and immigration, the country invites ambitious foreign nationals to become permanent residents by investing in a regional development fund. All expenses included, the total capital investment is as low as €360,000. After holding a three-year temporary residence visa for the main applicant and five years for dependents, permanent residency is granted. Residents may petition for citizenship after eight years of residence in Germany.

Although there is no official golden visa scheme in Germany, it is feasible to obtain an investor visa or residency by actively investing in enterprises. It’s a ‘investment visa,’ which isn’t the same as a golden visa. Germany provides residence visas to business owners and entrepreneurs (startups) that have a solid business plan and can contribute significantly to employment creation and economic impact. Real estate and other passive investments do not qualify for residency in Germany.

Documents Required When Applying for a Golden Visa in Belgium

  • A passport that is valid for at least three months is required.
  • Photographs taken in accordance with Schengen photo criteria.
  • Plan for your business and financing.
  • Proof of funds invested. You must supply documentation demonstrating that you have the sufficient finances to make the investment.
  • Proof of your funds’ origins. You must show that the methods you used to obtain your funds were legal.
  • Registration certificate from the German Trade Register.
  • Qualifications in both academia and business. You should show that you have the appropriate experience for the type of business you wish to start in Germany.
  • Resume. Professional and educational qualifications, as well as references, should be listed on your CV.
  • Proof of a place to stay in Germany. To establish that you have a place to stay in Germany, you must provide a rental agreement or lease.
  • Certificate of health insurance You must enroll yourself and your family in German health insurance.

Aside from a thriving economy, Germany provides its citizens with a very high quality of living, free education at some of Europe’s most prestigious institutions and colleges, a sophisticated and affordable health care system, and unrivaled transportation infrastructure. Germany has earned a reputation for actively promoting varied multicultural groups across the country, making it a welcoming and lucrative destination for international investment.

The procedure for obtaining German citizenship through investment is as follows:

  • Consult with experts before making a decision.
  • Get the German Chamber of Commerce to endorse your business strategy.
  • Make an application for a self-employment visa (and go to Germany).
  • Make an application for permanent residency (after three years).
  • Make an application for German citizenship (after six to eight years).

A German investment visa takes four to six months to process. This includes the time it takes for the German Chamber of Commerce to approve your business plan and for your visa application to be granted.

If I invest in Germany, will my family be able to accompany me?

Yes, if you start a business in Germany, your close family members are welcome to join you. Members of the immediate family include:

  • Your companion or spouse.
  • Minor youngsters who are reliant on you.
  • Children who are dependent on their parents as adults. You can include a child above the age of 18 who is unmarried or owing to a handicap reliant on you or your spouse/partner in your application.
  • Your family members can apply for a visa with you, or they can join you later after you’ve secured your investment with a German family reunification visa.

Benefits of Germany’s “Golden” Investment Visa

The primary advantage of investing in Germany is that you will be doing business in one of the world’s most powerful economies. Your investment will get you German citizenship, giving you access to the EU’s open market as well as visa-free travel to over 145 countries around the world.

Furthermore, the German investment visa provides you and your family with the following advantages:

  • After three years (for the primary investor) and five years (for the secondary investor), permanent residence is granted (for the family members).
  • After eight years of residency, you can apply for citizenship.
  • In Germany, you have the right to work and study.
  • Travel to the EU without a visa is possible.

If you relocate to Germany, you will be living in a country with one of the highest living standards in the world. Germany is known for its strong social security system, universal healthcare, clean environment, low crime rates, cultural and natural attractions, and well-developed infrastructure.