Golden Visa in Switzerland

For individuals considering residency by investment or a golden visa, Switzerland is a common choice and aspiration. The reality of getting Swiss residency or citizenship through investing, however, is somewhat different. Most investors consider alternate choices after conducting preliminary study. The investment required is not only exceedingly expensive, but the terms are also very strict. To obtain residency in Switzerland by investment, you would need to make one of the following investments:

  • Form a corporation that provides job possibilities for Swiss citizens.
  • Depending on the canton you choose to settle in, you’ll have to pay an annual tax of between CHF 150,000 and CHF 1 million.

In addition, the time you must settle before applying for permanent residency or citizenship is longer. For permanent resident status, you must live in Switzerland for at least 10 years, and for citizenship, you must remain in Switzerland for at least 12 years.

The alpine region in Switzerland is known for its affluence, and it was recently recognized as the world’s third finest country to live in. Switzerland is known for its gorgeous terrain, countless lakes, villages, and the Alps’ high peaks. During the winter, Switzerland is known for its ski resorts and hiking paths. Banking and finance are important sectors, while Swiss watches and chocolate are well-known. Bern is Switzerland’s capital. In Zurich and Geneva, real estate prices are sky-high.

Swiss Residence Scheme: Under this program, you must pay a lump sum tax of CHF 200,000 to the Swiss canton in which you reside. This amount could range from CHF 400,000 to CHF 600,000 per year, depending on the canton. This application prevents you from working.

Non-EU nationals must establish a new Swiss firm or invest in an existing Swiss company with a turnover of at least 1 million Swiss francs.

Type of Visa:

Swiss C or D visas, as well as a residence permit, are available.

Requirements for Residency

There are no restrictions, however if you desire PR/citizenship, you must live in Switzerland.

Permanent Residence

After 10 years of continuous residency


After a period of 12 years of continuous residence.