Golden Visa in Bahrain

Each foreign investor is given an Investor Visa Bahrain or a Businessman Visa by the Bahraini government. The terms “investor visa” and “businessman visa” refer to the same visa category. As a result, anyone planning to start a new business in Bahrain can apply for a Businessman visa. There are a variety of additional visas available in Bahrain. In Bahrain, however, an investor visa or businessman visa has its own set of characteristics, such as the fact that only company owners are eligible for the Businessman visa, and there is no GOSI (insurance) for investors. In Bahrain, a firm can obtain an unlimited number of Businessman visas. The more partners in a company, the more Businessman visas are available in Bahrain.

In order to obtain residency in Bahrain, you have three investment alternatives.

  • Foreigners must invest at least 100,000 Bahraini Dinars ($265,000) in business.
  • Real estate: Invest at least BD 50,000 ($135,000) on a property. The location of the home property must be in a touristy area. For example, Al Juffair, Amwaj, Riffa Views, Busaiteen, Abraj Allulu, AlAreen, and others, as well as a monthly budget of BD 500.
  • Retirees: Over the age of 55, with a monthly income of BD 500 ($1350).

The time it takes to get a Businessman visa or an Investor visa in Bahrain varies from application to application, however the average time it takes to get a visa in Bahrain is 5-8 days because it requires three approvals: The first is from LMRA (Labor Market Regulatory Authority), followed by CIO (Central Informatics Organization), and finally NPRA ( National Passport and Residency Affairs)

The following are the conditions for an investor visa in Bahrain, according to recent recommendations issued by the LMRA Bahrain and the NPRA:

  • Passport photocopy
  • a copy of the certificate of commercial registration
  • GAMCA Medical Certificate Copies (In a case out of Bahrain).
  • a copy of the office’s electric bill (EWA)
  • Extract from the Commercial Registration.
  • a copy of your current resident permit (if any)