Golden Visa in Israel

Israel does not allow investment-based immigration; however, if you are a US citizen, the B/5 visa permits an investor and their family to remain in Israel, which is the closest thing to investment-based citizenship. This B/5 investment visa category is new, having been implemented in May of this year. A reciprocal visa agreement between Israel and the United States gave rise to this possibility for obtaining Israeli residency. Israelis can acquire an E/2 investment visa under this arrangement, allowing them to obtain legal status in the United States. Similarly, US nationals can get legal status in Israel by applying for a B/5 investment visa.

Investment Options

  • “Business initiative” refers to a company or business that is incorporated in Israel, controlled and managed in Israel, and is engaged in profit-making activities in Israel.
  • “Senior manager” – a US citizen who works for the business initiative or the investor and is primarily responsible for the business initiative’s management.
  • “Investor” – a US citizen or a company with at least 50% of its shares held by US citizens that has invested in the Israeli business initiative.
  • “A worker with specific qualities” — a US citizen engaged by the business initiative or an investor who possesses unique skills that are critical to the initiative’s efficiency and success in Israel.
  • A senior manager or a worker with specific qualifications is a “essential worker.”
  • “A business” is a non-corporate business activity that the advising committee has chosen to recommend as a business initiative in accordance with these regulations.

Investment Conditions

The following are the requirements that an investor must meet in order to obtain an investor visa in Israel:

  • The investor must demonstrate that they have made a significant investment in the business initiative, which should be sufficient for the business initiative’s functioning as well as proof of unwavering dedication to the business initiative.
  • The investor is the legal owner of the controlling interests in the capital invested from a legal source.
  • The business effort has the potential to boost the economy’s financial growth, create jobs, and help the state meet its financial objectives.
  • The company endeavor is active and supports more than just the investor and his family, or at the very least has the potential to develop greatly over time.