Golden Visa in Qatar

Qatar, the world’s wealthiest country, is strategically located halfway between Europe and Asia, with great flight connections to every corner of the globe. Qatar has almost 2 million foreigners, accounting for 88 percent of the population. To entice more foreigners to Qatar, the Investment Promotion Agency has amended the rules for permanent residency through investment in the country. As a result, citizens from other countries can buy houses in 25 locations of Qatar worth at least USD 200,000 and get temporary residency. Applicants can enjoy the benefits of Qatar permanent residency by investment, such as complete healthcare insurance and free education, if they invest USD 1 million. Candidates can also bring their family members to such a session.

Investor residence in Qatar comes with a slew of perks, including the ability to stay outside the nation for more than six months and total and unrestricted access to education and healthcare (family members included). In Qatar, entrepreneurs can invest in and create businesses in a variety of economic sectors that are generally solely available to Qataris.

From an investment standpoint, the real estate industry, for example, is fairly generous, already hosting a big number of enterprises active in this field. Here are some facts and numbers that show Qatar’s economic trajectory:

  • In terms of total FDIs, Qatar received almost USD 32 billion in 2019.
  • Qatar has a corporation tax rate of 10%, which is a great benefit for business people all over the world.
  • Qatar was placed 77th out of 190 economies in the 2020 Doing Business report for ease of doing business and other factors.
  • Non-Qatari investors gain greatly from having 100 percent ownership of the company.

Permanent Residency/Citizenship Conditions

  • If the applicant was born abroad, he or she must spend 20 years in Qatar on a legal residence permit and 10 years if born in Qatar.
  • Enough money to cover their family’s expenses.
  • Good character and reputation, and should not have been found guilty of any dishonorable offense in Qatar or abroad.
  • The ability to communicate in Arabic.
  • A limit of 100 licenses is available each year.

Permanent residents have the right to healthcare, to invest in the nation’s various economic sectors without requiring a Qatari partner, and to have their settlement rights passed on to family members even after the investor’s death.