Arab green energy projects drew $120bn in FDI

In a significant stride towards energy diversification and sustainability, Arab nations have witnessed a substantial influx of foreign investments to the tune of approximately $120 billion in renewable energy projects throughout the year 2022, as revealed in an official report.

These substantial investments in renewable energy undertakings accounted for a substantial portion, nearly 60 percent, of the total Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow received by the Arab region during the course of the year. This disclosure emanated from the authoritative Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation, an integral institution within the Arab League.

The Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation unveiled these remarkable findings within its annual report, shedding light on a multitude of facets concerning foreign capital infusion into the region. Impressively, these renewable energy ventures saw active participation from 38 foreign corporations and contributed to the creation of over 30,000 employment opportunities, further bolstering the regional job market.

While renewable energy took the lead, the oil and gas sector secured the second position in terms of attracting foreign investments, amassing a substantial $35.6 billion during 2022. This figure constituted approximately 17.8 percent of the overall FDI received by the Arab region, as underscored by the report’s comprehensive data analysis.

Following oil and gas, the mining and real estate sectors followed suit in the hierarchy of foreign investments. Intriguingly, the information technology (IT) sector secured the fifth spot, albeit with a relatively modest capital injection of approximately $2.4 billion.

As delineated in the report, foreign ventures in the Arab region tallied up to an impressive 1,617, collectively commanding a formidable capital sum of nearly $200.2 billion. This robust influx of foreign investments signifies a burgeoning confidence in the economic prospects of the Arab nations.

Moreover, the report showcased the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the most prolific foreign investor in the region, channeling a substantial $33.5 billion into the Arab economies during 2022. Following closely behind was the United States, which exhibited considerable interest in the region, injecting nearly $20.7 billion into a total of 271 distinct projects.

The influx of foreign capital, particularly into the burgeoning renewable energy sector, underscores the Arab nations’ commitment to diversifying their economies and embracing sustainable energy solutions. This remarkable financial influx serves as a testament to the region’s growing appeal as a lucrative investment destination for international players seeking to tap into its vast potential and opportunities.