Canada Strengthens Scrutiny on Foreign Investment


Canada has announced stricter scrutiny over foreign investment in the gaming industry and other interactive media sectors, including virtual reality (VR). This decision comes amidst growing concerns over potential foreign manipulation of local public opinion and the need to safeguard Canadian economic assets.

Under the authority of the Investment Canada Act, which grants the government the authority to review all foreign investments, Canada will now focus its attention on transactions involving interactive digital media. This includes gaming, augmented reality (AR), and VR technologies, all of which play integral roles in shaping modern entertainment and communication landscapes.

This proactive approach underscores Canada’s commitment to ensuring the integrity of its domestic industries while fostering innovation and competitiveness. By closely monitoring foreign investment in these sectors, Canada seeks to prevent undue influence and protect its vibrant gaming and digital media ecosystem.

This initiative builds upon Canada’s previous actions to safeguard its economic interests, such as mandating Chinese investors to divest from lithium exploration companies and imposing restrictions on Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks.

As Canada strengthens its oversight in the gaming and interactive media sectors, it sends a clear message that it will not compromise on matters of national security and economic sovereignty. This approach aims to encourage foreign investment while safeguarding Canada’s cultural heritage and economic prosperity for generations to come.