China State Council Initiates Measures to Attract FDI

China's note to indicate Foreign Direct Investment

China State Council, led by Premier Li Qiang, has launched a concerted effort to enhance confidence among foreign investors in the country’s economic prospects following a significant decline in overseas investment flows.

During a cabinet meeting, Premier Li Qiang and the State Council emphasised the importance of implementing measures to attract more global capital, according to a report by state broadcaster CCTV. Stabilising foreign investment has been identified as a crucial focus for the year’s economic agenda, with a commitment to expanding market access and creating a fair competition environment.

The meeting, chaired by Premier Li Qiang, underscored the significance of attracting and utilising foreign investment while addressing local debt risks. Efforts to stabilise foreign investment will include widening market access, ensuring a level playing field, and facilitating the flow of innovation factors.

In addition to stabilising foreign investment, the State Council emphasised the importance of bolstering confidence among foreign investors to promote business development in China. The focus is on enhancing the quality and depth of trade and investment cooperation.

Regarding local debt risks, the meeting highlighted the need for policy support and proactive measures to address issues at their source. It stressed establishing a government debt management system aligned with the requirements of high-quality development.

Furthermore, the meeting addressed concerns related to payment processes for the elderly population and foreign visitors, emphasising the importance of coordination and resource allocation to enhance payment methods and accessibility.

In response to suggestions and proposals from national lawmakers and political advisors, the State Council introduced over 2,000 policies and measures aimed at resolving key economic and social development issues. It reaffirmed its commitment to handling this year’s suggestions to facilitate China’s pursuit of high-quality development.

Additionally, the meeting approved various government documents, including guidelines for enhancing payment services and draft regulations on water conservancy, ecological conservation compensation, and consumer rights protection.