Emerium set to raise FDI in UAE

Emireum Business Services, based in Dubai, has introduced its Emireum Business Passport, a comprehensive business start-up package designed to assist foreign investors in effectively establishing and growing their businesses in the UAE. The package includes service credits worth up to Dh10,000 that investors can utilise for additional services and renewals as part of their business set-up activities in the UAE’s mainland and free zones.

This initiative comes as the UAE government establishes the new Ministry of Investment, aiming to streamline the investment process and enhance the country’s investment environment. The UAE saw record growth in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), reaching $22.73 billion in 2022, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). This move aligns with the UAE’s goal of attracting $150 billion in FDI inflows by 2031 and ranking among the top 10 countries for FDI inflows.

The Emireum Business Passport offers a wide range of essential services tailored to meet clients’ needs, with an additional credit facility of Dh10,000 that can be used for value-added services or during license renewal. These services cover various aspects, including office space, website development, marketing, branding, accounting, VAT, corporate tax, and more. The package aims to provide cost-effective solutions to new businesses entering the UAE market.

With more than 750,000 active businesses in the UAE, including a growing number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the Emireum Business Passport addresses the needs of new businesses seeking critical services to establish themselves in the market. SMEs contribute significantly to the UAE’s non-oil GDP, with an estimated 1 million SMEs projected by 2030.

Emireum’s initiative aligns with the UAE government’s vision to support new investors, create jobs, and drive economic growth. The Emireum Business Passport aims to simplify the process of establishing and operating businesses in the UAE, further enhancing the country’s appeal as a global investment destination.