European Cities Shine in Foreign Direct Investment Rankings

Glasgow has emerged as a top European city for investment, securing a prestigious position in the fDi Intelligence European Cities and Regions of the Future 2024 rankings. The Financial Times publication recognised Glasgow’s exemplary FDI strategy, underscoring the city’s allure for international investors.

In a recent report analysing European investment opportunities, several cities have emerged as prime destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI), showcasing the region’s resilience and appeal to global investors. Among the standout performers are Bristol, Wroclaw, Zurich, Vilnius, Edinburgh, Belfast, Bratislava, and Utrecht, recognised as top mid-sized cities for FDI.

The FDI Intelligence European Cities and Regions of the Future 2024 report evaluated hundreds of cities and regions throughout Europe, considering various factors such as job creation, startup efficiency, and the presence of high-tech industries. Bristol’s impressive performance across these metrics has propelled it to the forefront of European investment destinations.

Ranked eighth overall in the mid-sized city category, Bristol has demonstrated significant economic potential and a conducive business environment, attracting attention from international investors seeking growth opportunities. Notably, the city excelled in areas such as economic potential and human capital, underscoring its capacity for innovation and development.

Similarly, other European cities have also garnered recognition for their FDI prospects. Wroclaw in Poland, Zurich in Switzerland, and Vilnius in Lithuania have secured top positions in the rankings, highlighting the diverse investment opportunities available across the continent.

Greater Manchester’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and driving innovation was also recognised by FDI Intelligence, retaining its position as the top large UK city for FDI

Additionally, the report examined the performance of Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in the UK, responsible for driving economic development in various regions. Despite impending changes in England’s economic development framework, the West of England region has demonstrated resilience, ranking prominently in economic potential and human capital.

Acknowledging Glasgow’s achievement, Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council, expressed delight at the city’s transformation in attracting high-quality jobs and fostering inclusive growth. Glasgow’s commitment to innovation and collaboration across academia, industry, and the government has established three innovation districts and five innovation centres, solidifying its reputation as a hub for cutting-edge research and development.

Overall, the report emphasises the resilience and attractiveness of European cities and regions for foreign investors. As the global investment landscape evolves, these destinations continue to offer diverse opportunities for growth and development, positioning Europe as a key player in the international investment arena.