FDI Inflows Into Turkey Reach $1.5 Billion in Q1 2024

Turkey attracted $1.5 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) during the first quarter of 2024, according to a recent report by the International Investors Association (YASED). This figure highlights the country’s growing appeal to international investors.

Equity capital inflows accounted for the majority of the investment, totaling $1.2 billion, as reported by YASED based on data from the Turkish central bank. Additionally, Turkey received $796 million through real estate investments from foreign sources during this period.

The Netherlands emerged as the largest contributor to these FDI inflows, representing a quarter of the total investment. The United States followed closely, accounting for 21 percent, while Germany contributed 12 percent.

These investments underscore the strong interest from European and American investors in the Turkish market, particularly in sectors such as real estate and equity capital. The significant inflows from the Netherlands highlight the robust economic ties and investor confidence between the two nations.

The positive investment trend in Q1 2024 reflects Turkey’s strategic position and its efforts to attract and retain foreign investments. This influx of capital is expected to drive economic growth, create jobs, and support various sectors within the country.

The data from the International Investors Association and the central bank of Turkey indicate a promising start to the year for the Turkish economy, with substantial foreign investments bolstering its economic prospects. As Turkey continues to strengthen its economic policies and investment climate, it is well-positioned to attract further international investments in the coming quarters.