FdI Proposal to Postpone Tractor Insurance Receives Support

In a move to support the agricultural sector, lawmakers from Italy’s party, the Brothers of Italy (FdI), have proposed postponing the entry into force of compulsory insurance for agricultural vehicles by six months. The amendment, filed in agreement with Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida, aims to alleviate financial burdens on farmers and reduce bureaucratic hurdles.

FdI’s initiative aligns with the government’s commitment to the agricultural industry, emphasising common-sense measures to support farmers. The decision has been hailed by the Farmers’ Association Coldiretti, which supports the avoidance of insurance requirements for agricultural vehicles not used on public roads.

With approximately two million tractors and agricultural vehicles potentially affected by the insurance mandate, Coldiretti underscores the importance of easing financial strains on agricultural companies. The move comes amid widespread protests by farmers across the country, highlighting concerns over European and Italian agricultural policies and sectoral hardships.

FdI, along with the agriculture ministry and the Meloni government, reaffirms its dedication to defending the rights of workers in the agri-food sector, both in Italy and throughout Europe. The proposal reflects a concerted effort to address the challenges facing the agricultural community and promote sustainable growth in the sector.