Kosovo FDI rises slightly

The central bank of Kosovo has released data on foreign direct investments (FDI) for the first eight months of 2023, revealing a total net inflow of 514.1 million euros ($546.2 million). This marks a slight increase from the FDI received in the same period of 2022, which amounted to 510 million euros. This data sheds light on the country’s attractiveness to foreign investors and its ability to sustain and potentially grow FDI.

In August 2023, Kosovo saw net FDI inflows of 70.8 million euros, which was a decrease compared to the 86.6 million euros received in August of the previous year. While this decrease might raise questions, it’s important to consider various factors that could influence monthly fluctuations in FDI inflows.

During August, Germany emerged as the leading country of origin for FDI, contributing 17.3 million euros, followed closely by Switzerland with an investment of 16.7 million euros. These figures indicate the global interest in Kosovo as a destination for foreign investment, with European countries playing a prominent role.

In terms of sectors, the real estate sector was the most attractive for non-resident investments in August, drawing in 48.6 million euros. Following closely behind was the financial and insurance sector, which received 17.2 million euros in investments. These statistics highlight the areas within Kosovo’s economy that are appealing to foreign investors and may indicate where opportunities for further growth and development lie.