Kosovo recorded 5% increase in FDI in H1

According to data recently released by the central bank, Kosovo has seen a positive trend in foreign direct investments (FDI) during the January to July period of this year. The net inflow of FDI into Kosovo totalled an impressive 443.3 million euros (approximately $465.8 million), surpassing the figures from the same period in 2022, which stood at 423.2 million euros.

Breaking it down further, the data reveals that in the month of July alone, Kosovo attracted a net FDI inflow of 67.3 million euros. While this figure is slightly lower compared to July of the previous year when it reached 97.5 million euros, it still reflects ongoing investor interest and confidence in the region.

Notably, Switzerland emerged as a key contributor to Kosovo’s FDI landscape in July, leading with a substantial investment of 15.1 million euros. Germany followed closely with 10.8 million euros in foreign investment, further underlining the international appeal of Kosovo as an investment destination.

Analysing the sectors that drew the most non-resident investments in July, the real estate sector took the lead, securing an impressive 43.8 million euros. This indicates that investors are recognising opportunities in Kosovo’s real estate market, which may be driven by factors such as urban development, infrastructure projects, or the demand for commercial and residential properties. In second place was the financial and insurance sector, attracting 13 million euros in FDI.

The consistent growth in FDI inflows is a positive sign for Kosovo’s economy, as it demonstrates a favourable investment climate and potential for further development. These investments can play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, creating job opportunities, and contributing to the overall prosperity of the country. Kosovo’s ability to attract foreign investment is not only a testament to its economic potential but also a reflection of its efforts to establish itself as an attractive destination for businesses seeking opportunities in the region. As Kosovo continues to evolve and diversify its economy, it remains a market to watch for both investors and businesses looking to expand their presence in Southeast Europe.