Nestle broadens business in Brazil

Nestle SA, the multinational food and beverage conglomerate, has solidified a strategic agreement with Advent International, marking a pivotal move in the global confectionery landscape. Under the terms of this undisclosed financial transaction, Nestle is set to secure a majority stake in the esteemed Brazilian purveyor of premium chocolates, Grupo CRM.

In a statement issued by Nestle, the company highlights the salient attributes of Grupo CRM’s business model, which boasts an impressive direct-to-consumer framework encompassing a network of over 1,000 “chocolate boutiques” under the renowned Kopenhagen and Brasil Cacau brands, coupled with a robust online presence. The heritage of Kopenhagen, tracing its origins back to 1928, has been cultivated over the years through relentless commitment to product innovation and delivering unparalleled consumer experiences. Beyond Kopenhagen, Grupo CRM commands a portfolio of beloved chocolate brands in the Brazilian market, including Língua de Gato, Nhá Benta, Lajotinha, Chumbinho, and Cherry Brand. Brasil Cacau, a distinct chocolate label introduced in 2009, has made its mark through widespread distribution in numerous “branded stores” across Brazil.

Renata Moraes Vichi, an integral figure in Grupo CRM for a quarter of a century, has been pivotal in the company’s growth trajectory. She will continue to helm the ship as Chief Executive Officer, concurrently taking on the mantle of minority shareholder.

Laurent Freixe, CEO of Zone Latin America at Nestle, expounded on the significance of this strategic move, stating, “This acquisition further broadens and strengthens our confectionery presence in Brazil, enabling us to enter the high-end segment.” Freixe further underscored the allure of Kopenhagen and Brasil Cacau’s premium chocolate offerings, which have garnered the adoration of discerning Brazilian consumers. Expressing optimism, Freixe affirmed, “We are pleased that Renata Vichi will continue to lead the company with her deep knowledge and passion for the chocolate business, people, and brands. Together, we will explore opportunities to further enhance the company’s unique premium chocolate experience.”

Nestle, already a formidable player in Brazil’s confectionery sector, anticipates that this strategic alliance will invigorate its presence within the high-end gifting segment. Additionally, the company has committed to support Grupo CRM’s sustainability initiatives, underscoring its commitment to responsible business practices.

This strategic alliance between Nestle and Grupo CRM not only underscores the ongoing dynamism in the confectionery industry but also signals Nestle’s resolute intention to deepen its footprint in the Brazilian market, catering to the discerning tastes of a burgeoning consumer base with an appetite for premium chocolate experiences. As the cogs of this agreement begin to turn, industry experts and stakeholders will be keenly observing the developments that ensue, poised for the ripple effects that may reverberate through the confectionery landscape.