Pakistani President striving to revive FDI

Pakistani President Arif Alvi has emphasised his country’s efforts to enhance foreign direct investment (FDI) through joint-venture programs with other nations to stimulate economic growth. He highlighted Pakistan’s significant potential for economic development through FDI and the importance of adopting responsible policies to harness this potential. President Alvi made these remarks during a ceremony in Karachi, a major port city in southern Pakistan.

Despite facing multiple political and economic challenges, the government has been working diligently to introduce reforms aimed at improving economic indicators. The president mentioned that improvements in the ease of doing business and timely decision-making have been instrumental in setting Pakistan on a path toward economic stability.

President Alvi also underscored the crucial role of the business community in strengthening Pakistan’s economy. He emphasised the importance of women’s participation in the country’s economic growth process and stressed the need to provide employment opportunities for women in companies to empower them financially and enable them to contribute to the nation’s economy.