Qatar Seeks to Strengthen Cooperation with US to Attract FDI

Qatar is ramping up efforts to bolster collaboration with the United States, particularly in sectors outlined in its third National Development Strategy (NDS3), aiming to attract foreign direct investments (FDI) towards key industries.

Saleh bin Majid al-Khulaifi, Assistant Undersecretary for Industry Affairs and Business Development at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, highlighted Qatar’s commitment to enhancing capabilities in chemical industries and oil and gas field services, with investment opportunities exceeding $100 billion by 2030.

During the sixth strategic dialogue between Qatar and the US in Washington, al-Khulaifi emphasised the substantial contribution of over 912 American companies operating in Qatar, with bilateral trade volume nearing $5 billion until October 2023.

Qatar’s interest lies in collaborating with the US across various sectors outlined in the NDS3, including manufacturing, logistics, IT, digital services, finance, agriculture, and healthcare, aiming for shared objectives.

In bilateral meetings with senior US government officials and executives, discussions revolved around cooperation prospects, incentives, legislation, and promising opportunities in Qatar to entice investors and entrepreneurs.

Representatives from Qatari government entities and relevant bodies participated in the session, focusing on aligning industrial consumption with environmental considerations, as outlined in Qatar’s NDS3, which prioritises low-carbon metal production and renewable energy integration.