Saudi Arabia hosts Arab and African officials

The Saudi government is set to host the Saudi-Arab-African Economic Conference, with the participation of leaders, decision-makers, and officials from Arab and African countries. The conference, scheduled to begin next Thursday, will take place in Riyadh and will feature the involvement of financial, business, and investment leaders from both the government and private sectors, trade federations, international organisations, as well as prominent figures from academic circles and think tanks.

Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan emphasised that the Royal endorsement of the conference underscores the Kingdom’s commitment to strengthening its ties with the African continent, which is a pivotal element in the future of the global economy. The conference serves as an extension of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to enhance economic cooperation and coordination and leverage available investment opportunities.

Jadaan outlined the conference’s objectives, which include consolidating economic and investment partnerships between Saudi Arabia, Arab countries, and African nations. These partnerships will encompass areas such as food security, bolstering agricultural, industrial, mining, and commercial collaborations, and forging new alliances between African and Saudi entities. Furthermore, the conference aims to create a platform for exporters and importers from both regions, explore opportunities for cooperation in the energy sector, and discuss its sustainability to promote economic growth.

The conference will also provide a forum for international and regional development banks, institutions, and funds to present their ideas and projects for discussion. It will serve as an opportunity to showcase the investment environment’s attractiveness in both Saudi Arabia and the African countries.

The conference’s agenda comprises seven sessions featuring numerous leaders and decision-makers from the economic, financial, and investment sectors. These sessions will address various topics, including the role of sustainable energy partnerships and their significance in facilitating access to energy sources.

This initiative is part of the Saudi government’s broader efforts to enhance investment opportunities for the Kingdom and Arab countries. In June, Saudi Arabia hosted the Arab-Chinese Businessmen Conference, the largest economic gathering with the participation of over 3,500 decision-makers and senior officials.