Survey: Filipinos Optimistic About Easing FDI Restrictions

A recent Pulse Asia survey, commissioned by the international think tank Stratbase Institute, has shed light on the sentiments of Filipinos regarding the easing of foreign investment restrictions outlined in the 1987 Constitution. The findings suggest that a majority of Filipinos are optimistic about the potential benefits associated with the removal of these restrictions.

According to the survey results, 64% of Filipinos believe that lifting the restrictions could lead to an increase in high-quality jobs with higher salaries and better benefits. Additionally, 56% of respondents expressed the belief that services provided to stakeholders and customers would improve as a result of this policy change.

However, the survey also highlighted some concerns among Filipinos regarding the potential consequences of easing foreign investment restrictions. Approximately 55% of respondents were apprehensive that foreign capital might dominate local investors and businesses, while 54% believed that the price of goods and services could decrease.

The release of these survey results coincided with a consultative session on Charter change organised by Democracy Watch Philippines, emphasising the relevance and significance of public opinion in shaping policy discussions surrounding foreign investment regulations in the Philippines.

Overall, the survey findings reflect a mixed sentiment among Filipinos, with optimism about the potential for economic growth and job creation balanced by concerns about the impact on local businesses and consumer prices. As discussions on charter change continue, it remains crucial for policymakers to consider and address the diverse perspectives of the Filipino populace in formulating inclusive and sustainable economic policies.