Tajikistan Attracted $2.7 Billion in Foreign Investment in 2023

Tajikistan has reported a significant uptick in foreign investment, with the country receiving $2.7 billion of foreign capital in 2023. This marks an increase of $113.6 million, or 4.4 percent, compared to the previous year. The announcement was made by Sulton Rahimzoda, Chairman of the State Committee for Investments and State Property Management, during a press conference on February 13, as reported by NIAT Khovar.

Throughout 2023, Tajikistan actively showcased its investment opportunities and sought to attract direct investment through various initiatives. Notably, Tajik entrepreneurs organised a virtual meeting with counterparts from Switzerland and Spain to present the country’s investment potential and explore collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, several key events aimed at facilitating investment were held, including the inaugural meeting of the working group on attracting direct investment from Belarus, the Ninth Conference on interregional cooperation between Tajikistan and Russia, and the Congress on Investment and Development of Tajikistan in London. Tajikistan also participated in forums and events in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Korea, the Czech Republic, and Germany, among others.

The country actively engaged in bilateral meetings with Russia, culminating in the signing of several trade and investment agreements during investment forums such as “Pamir-Invest-2023,” “Dushanbe-2023,” and the investment forum “Tajikistan and Iran.”

These collaborative efforts resulted in the signing of multiple trade and investment documents during the investment forums. Government and private entities are now working diligently to implement these agreements, further solidifying Tajikistan’s position as an attractive destination for foreign investment.

Tajikistan’s proactive approach to attracting foreign investment underscores its commitment to economic diversification and growth. By fostering partnerships with international stakeholders and showcasing its investment potential on a global stage, Tajikistan aims to drive sustainable development and prosperity for its citizens.