Uzbekistan-Turkey Business Forum to Boost Foreign Investment

The Uzbekistan-Turkey Business Forum, focusing on the attraction of foreign investment in the construction materials industry, will be held in Istanbul on Monday. This event is a collaborative effort among the Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Uzqurilishmateriallari Association, according to Uzbek media reports.

The forum’s primary objective is to develop new types of construction materials and to increase the share of investment projects within the industry by attracting Turkish investors and renowned brands to Uzbekistan for the production of these materials.

Key stakeholders, including representatives from the business circles of both countries, investors, international experts, and specialists, are expected to participate in the forum. These participants will engage in discussions and presentations aimed at fostering collaboration and investment in the construction materials sector.

Participants will hear reports on the export-import indicators of Turkish construction materials, innovations in product types, and recent scientific advancements in the field. These insights aim to showcase the potential and progress of the construction materials industry, highlighting opportunities for investment.

Additionally, the event will feature presentations on the prospects for developing Uzbekistan’s construction materials industry. Topics will include the demand for various products and raw materials, as well as an overview of the investment climate in Uzbekistan. These presentations aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and investment opportunities available to Turkish investors.

The forum represents a significant step towards strengthening economic ties between Uzbekistan and Türkiye, focusing on mutual benefits and growth in the construction materials sector. Through this collaboration, both nations aim to leverage their respective strengths to drive innovation, production efficiency, and economic development in the construction materials industry.

By attracting substantial Turkish investments and expertise, Uzbekistan aims to enhance its construction materials sector, contributing to overall economic growth and development. The forum is expected to pave the way for increased foreign investment, leading to the creation of new jobs, the introduction of advanced technologies, and the development of high-quality construction materials in Uzbekistan.