Golden Visa in Canada

Canada occupies a large area of northern North America, sharing land borders to the south with the United States and to the northwest with the United States state of Alaska. The country runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in the west, with the Arctic Ocean in the north. Canada is the world’s second largest country in terms of total area (including its oceans).

Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the world. It is noted for its good living standards, clean environment, low crime rate, and excellent infrastructure. The country has a long history of immigration and a system for assessing and admitting newcomers. After three years of residency, you can apply for citizenship (and 183 days minimum physical presence during each of the three calendar years). The Canadian passport is considered to be one of the best travel documents in the world.

The goal of business immigration is to give Canadians new opportunities. People with the ability to grow and succeed in Canada, as well as the province in which they live, are warmly welcomed. This year, the federal government will welcome roughly 91,150 immigrants for permanent residence. The purpose of business immigration to Canada is to encourage and facilitate the arrival of these people.

Visa Types

  • Visa for Investors

The Canada investor visa is a program that permits foreign nationals to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in Canada. In exchange, they must make certain investments in Canada. Citizenship (golden passport) or permanent residency are available through this scheme.

  • Visa for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur visas in Canada are designed for entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to start a business in a specific province. The entrepreneur visa for Canada will aid in the province’s economic development. Entrepreneurship is an excellent place to start for entrepreneurs and their businesses, as well as for the local economy.

  • Visa for Startups

The focus of this program is on innovative entrepreneurs. They will be able to connect with approved Canadian business investors through this initiative in order to assist them in starting a new business. Entrepreneurs can expand their businesses in Canada with the help of capital and expertise from recognized private sector organizations in Canada, and the entrepreneur and investors will each receive a start-up visa.

  • Self-employed

Any person who earns a living via the independent pursuit of economic activity is considered self-employed. People can come to Canada permanently through this program. The individual should have appropriate experience in cultural or sporting activities. They must contribute significantly to Canada’s cultural, artistic, or athletic life. People who want to start or buy a business in Canada should apply for the self-employed stream. It will make a substantial contribution to Canada’s economic and creative life.

  • PNP Programs for Businesses

Individuals might be nominated for PNP under this program if they meet certain criteria. Almost every PNP will have either an investor or entrepreneur program. Every province in Canada has different investment and business net worth criteria. Each province has its own set of criteria for selection.


  • The investor must not intend to live in Quebec (if Quebec is your desired destination, see Quebec Investor Program);
  • The investor must be able to show that he or she has relevant business experience. This can be accomplished by owning and operating a qualifying business or managing a team of at least five people.
  • The investor must have a net worth of at least $1,600,000 CAD (all funds must have been legally obtained); and
  • The investor must invest $800,000 CAD in the Canadian government (which will be returned to the investor 5 years later, without interest).
  • On grounds such as health and security, the investor (and family members) are not found ineligible.